Things to do on the Isle of Mull

Mull is one of the centres of wildlife tourism in the UK and the Ardmeanach peninsular hosts some unique and valuable species of invertebrates, flora and fauna and, of course, both golden and white-tailed sea eagles, the largest raptors in the British Isles.

Local Walks – Burg and the Wilderness

Being situated in the centre of the island, Kilfinichen is an ideal location from which to undertake one of the many wonderful walks or drives around the island.

The walk to the end of the peninsular will take you back in time from the modern quality and convenience of your accommodation, past the ruins of the houses of families that emigrated in the 19th Century, and to Tavool House, the home to the Roses Trust ( then past the Dun at Burg which dates from the middle of the second millennium BC, before finally bringing you to MacCulloch’s tree which dates back some 50 million years. During this time you will have the opportunity to witness some of the most magnificent and dramatic scenery the Hebrides has to offer and see a vast and rich variety of wildlife from wild goats to otters.

Guided Tours

There are many guided tours of Mull and a selection are available on the Holiday Mull website (

MacKinnon’s Cave

Reckoned to be the deepest in the Hebrides, MacKinnon’s cave on the north side of the the Ardmeanach peninsular was believed to offer a passage to the underworld of fairies and is some 200m long. It is only accessible at low tide and a torch is essential to see inside. At the far end is a large flat slab of stone called ‘fingal’s table’.

Legend has it that a piper tried to outdo the fairies in a piping competition and walked into the cave accompanied by his dog. Only the dog returned, crazed with fear having travelled right through the hill to emerge at Kilfinichen via some secret passage accessible only to the fairy folk.

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